Hypnotherapist in Warwickshire

Our latest little mini site was for a local Warwickshire Hypnotherapist – Nicola Lester-Pearson

This is just a very simple, crisp website to promote the hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques that Nicola provides.

Demonstration Site

Nicola Lester-Pearson Hypnotherapist

Warwickshire Hypnotherapist I am a hypnotherapist and an EMDR specialist. I have had extensive experience in life coaching working with people with Autism and those who have suffered from life long illnesses and coping with a range of disabilities.

I have a lot of experience in hypnotherapy working mainly with people who want to get rid of weight but also working with fears, relaxation techniques and getting rid of bad habits.

Nicola Lester-Pearson Hypnotherapist
York House, Mill Lane,
CV36 4NG

Tel: 01608 665024 or 07988 176673
Web: https://www.nicolalesterpearson.co.uk/