Removing the Dangers of Asbestos in the Tamworth Area

Asbestos was used for a variety of building purposes and very commonly used for housing estates in areas such as Glascote and Leyfields in the Tamworth area.

Once the health risks and dangers of asbestos became apparent in the mid-1980’s, blue and brown asbestos was banned from manufacture in 1985. The white asbestos was banned from manufacture in 1999.

For the safe and legal removal of asbestos in Tamworth there are approved and regulated companies that specialise in this work and will happily carry out such work as and when required.

Tamworth Asbestos Removal Specialists

JS Removals are Tamworth Asbestos Removal Specialists and are an approved company regulated by the Environment Agency to deal with any asbestos clearance in the Tamworth area.