Impact Moling Contractors Warwickshire

Most people assume impact moling is done for water pipes, installing water mains when you want a trenchless solution.

After speaking to an Aldershot based Moling contractor though they say moling is becoming more and more popular for installing electric cables.

With the rise in people working from home and working from garden offices there has been a large call for moling to supply power sources to garden offices and outbuilding,

People don’t want unsightly overhead cables and don’t want their gardens digging up and are finding that moling is the perfect solution for trenchless installations of power cables, phone lines even fibre optics or ethernet cables to garden offices.

The moling company we know currently cover a 40 mile radius of Aldershot but will soon be setting a team up in the west Midlands to provide Moling in Warwickshire, Moling in Oxfordshire, Moling in Gloucestershire.

If you have recently had a garden office constructed and need to get utilities to it give us a call on 01608 663759 – The Wentworth guys will be happy to travel up to South Warwickshire even before the local team are set up.

Trenchless installation of electric cables using impact moling saves having to dig up your garden

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Impact Moling Services Warwickshire

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Wentworth Moling Services are based in Aldershot and provide impact moling services for installing water pipes, electric cables, fibre optics, phone lines, etc. within a 40 mile radius of Aldershot including the following;

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